Give Next Thanks Nonprofits

Nonprofits play a vital role in Give Next student experience

It’s the season of giving thanks, and Give Next wants to recognize the nonprofits who play a vital role in Give Next. Give Next is a school-based youth grantmaking program for middle and high school students in Larimer County.  We are grateful for the time, effort and expertise these nonprofits provide. For youth participating in Give Next, getting to know nonprofits is a critical part of the process.

Nonprofits play an important role in Give Next throughout the year. From the time students begin to engage with nonprofit staff, first at Give Next Kickoff Day, they learn how important nonprofits are to our community. At this year’s event in October, students were able to engage with staff from 50 nonprofits who dedicated time to help students understand the work of this vital sector in our community.

Beyond Kickoff Day, nonprofit staff dedicate time to apply for grants, meet with students in a myriad of ways, and if selected for a grant, participate in year-end award ceremonies. The Give Next program is grateful to nonprofit staff who share their passion and knowledge about their mission and time with students.

Youth start the year with their own valuable insights about community issues and conduct interviews and site visits with nonprofits. These interactions help students understand the strategies nonprofits use to address issues. Students regularly share how inspired they are to learn that many nonprofit staff dedicate their careers to helping the community.

Nonprofits support students as they build an understanding of complex social issues, ultimately connecting youth to their peers and their community.

One middle schooler from Wellington Middle High School shared that the nonprofit meetings were an empowering experience; “they treated us like adults.” Students and teachers share that nonprofit meetings are often the highlight of the year. Site visits and interviews create a sense of connection between students and their community and are valuable for nonprofits as well. Kristen Glenn, Executive Director and Co-Founder of 3Hopeful Hearts, shared, “The questions that are brought up bring us new insight on what is important to youth, so it helps us grow as an organization.”

Thank you again to our amazing nonprofit partners. Without your involvement, this program would not be possible. If you aren’t already involved in Give Next, learn more below and sign up for our mailing list.

The Give Next Process & How Nonprofits Can Participate

Nonprofits interested in Give Next can join the Give Next mailing list for opportunities to get involved.

Give Next Kickoff Day is a one-day conference at Colorado State University where students meet nonprofit staff, learn about community issues, and hear from inspiring speakers. This is where nonprofit involvement with students begins. Eligible nonprofits can register to participate in Kick Off Day each summer.

After Kickoff Day, students spend time considering what they learned and ask their peers what issues are most important to them. With that information, they choose a mission statement topic that directs their research, nonprofit engagement, and grantmaking for the rest of the year.
Nonprofits can complete a grant application that will be distributed to schools with mission alignment. Site visits and interviews are an important part of the process and take place early each calendar year.

This year’s grant application opens November 16 and closes on December 7, 2023. Final decisions are made by students in April and award ceremonies are held in April and May.





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