Music Programs

Building Community Through Music

At Bohemian Foundation, our focus is on building community. An effective way to build community connections is by coming together to create and enjoy music.

Bohemian Foundation’s Music Programs builds connections by providing music-related resources for enjoyment, personal expression, and the development and improvement of music-related talent.

Music Programs manages programs and funds organizations that are aligned with our three goals:

  • To provide youth with encouragement and opportunities to express themselves through music.
  • To increase performances of live contemporary music.
  • To help musicians and music-related businesses grow and develop.

Music Event Fund and the Bohemian Fund are our responsive grantmaking programs offering nonprofits opportunities to submit funding requests through selective application processes.

Music Programs also funds special initiatives, which are Foundation-directed grants, programs, or events. Through special initiatives we cultivate programs and collaborate with organizations whose efforts are aligned with Music Programs goals. Unsolicited proposals for special initiatives are not accepted by Music Programs.