FAQ - Give Next

Give Next FAQ

How Does Give Next Work?

  • Students attend the Give Next Kickoff Day in early fall.
  • Students work with their peers to identify community needs that are important to them and create mission statements to guide their grantmaking.
  • Students research nonprofits, volunteer, and meet local nonprofit leaders.
  • Each classroom receives $5,000 for Give Next grantmaking from local donors.
  • Students raise additional money for grantmaking through crowdfunding, art sales, in-school fundraisers, etc.
  • Students review applications and award grants at a ceremony at the end of the school year.

What Are Give Next Student Outcomes?

Through their involvement in Give Next, students:

Learn about local issues, the community, and nonprofits that work to address community needs.

Connect with peers, nonprofits, classroom donors, and community members.

Experience the reward of what it feels like to give time, talent, and treasure.

Contribute talents, insights, and energy.

Why Donate to Give Next?

Donors leverage charitable giving by creating an empowering educational experience.

One hundred percent of donor dollars go directly through the Give Next classrooms to local nonprofits. Bohemian Foundation further leverages Give Next donations by funding all program and administrative support.

Additional benefits of becoming a Give Next classroom donor:

  • Help empower youth and build community.
  • Be inspired and celebrate the impact you can have on our community.
  • Share your giving experiences with students.
  • Be honored at the year-end award ceremonies and see nonprofits and students benefiting from your support.
  • Be recognized in Give Next communication materials.

How Can I Become a Classroom Donor?

The Give Next Advisory Committee raises all classroom donations through generous local donors.

Donate $5,000 to provide full support to a Give Next classroom.

Be a partial classroom donor for $500 - $2,500.

Give Next Advisory Committee members are available to speak with interested donors. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more.

Who is Involved?

Give Next is a successful partnership of community volunteers and organizations.

Community Foundation of Northern Colorado: Manages classroom donations, grant applications and nonprofit awards.

Poudre and Thompson School Districts: Commit to delivering all Give Next requirements.

Give Next Students: Research community issues and nonprofits, evaluate grant applications, fundraise additional dollars and recommend grants.

Nonprofits: Interact with Give Next students in various ways throughout the program, including hosting or making visits, providing volunteer opportunities and attending award ceremonies.

Bohemian Foundation: Manages and funds the program design and implementation as well as the evaluation aspects of the program.

Give Next Advisory Committee: Secures all classroom donations, lends expertise and assists with events throughout the year.

Please see the Partners tab for more information.

What is the History of Give Next?

Give Next grew from a community discussion to create a philanthropic movement, inspire giving and foster youth community engagement. In developing Give Next, community leaders wanted to honor the belief that giving of time, talent and treasure are powerful elements of living life to its fullest.

The curriculum is adopted from the Oregon Community Foundation’s Community 101 program, which was modeled after the El Pomar Youth in Community Service (EPYCS) program pioneered by El Pomar Foundation in Colorado.

United Way of Larimer County administered the program as a three-year pilot beginning in 2012. Because of its great impact and success, the program continues to thrive under the direction of Bohemian Foundation, the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado and a committed group of community volunteers who serve as Give Next’s Advisory Committee.

How Can My School Participate?

Applications are welcome from schools seeking to add a community service-learning component to a classroom or group. Give Next classrooms are selected through an application process which is available upon request through Bohemian Foundation. At this time, middle and high schools in Poudre and Thompson School Districts may apply to participate.

The Give Next application and selection process begins early in the spring semester for the following academic year. There can only be one Give Next classroom in a given school. See the Partners tab for the list of current schools.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more or to request an application.