Community Programs - Bohemian Foundation

Funding Positive Pathways For Change

Bohemian Foundation’s Community Programs is committed to working with our fellow community members on the care and improvement of our local community. We passionately believe that by working together, we can build a stronger Larimer County.

Community Programs goals are to:

  • Encourage and enable youth to thrive.
  • Empower individuals and families on the path toward economic stability.
  • Strengthen our vibrant community.

We believe that there’s a positive pathway for change if we can:

  • Facilitate meaningful connections and foster a sense of belonging.
  • Offer engaging opportunities to learn.
  • Help build the skills required to navigate through challenges.
  • Provide the inspiration and tools that enable everyone to contribute their time, talent, and treasure.

Community Programs’ activities include responsive grantmaking through Community Event Fund and the Bohemian Fund. Our responsive grantmaking programs offer nonprofits opportunities to submit funding requests through an application process.

We also fund special initiatives, which are Foundation-directed grants, programs, or events that target specific Community Programs goals. We look for opportunities to meet a community need, address an important gap, or leverage resources. Through special initiatives we cultivate programs and collaborate with organizations whose efforts are aligned with our goals. Unsolicited proposals for special initiatives are not accepted by Community Programs.