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Grantee Spotlight: Colorado Poverty Law Project Works to Prevent Homelessness

A veteran with disabilities receives a nonrenewal of lease notice after requesting accommodation for their disability. A 65-year-old mobile home owner was at risk of losing her home after being served an eviction notice for failure to complete cosmetic upgrades. A 23-year-old single mother of two is threatened with eviction from her mobile home after nonpayment of rent. These individuals each turned to the Colorado Poverty Law Project for help. And with the support of the nonprofit law firm, they were all able to remain in their homes.

Colorado Poverty Law Project (CPLP) is a nonprofit law firm that provides free housing law assistance to low-income individuals and families. CPLP challenges the systems and structures that perpetuate housing instability. They achieve housing justice by dealing with all aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship and enforcing the rights of tenants through direct legal representation. Ninety-five percent of clients for whom CPLP provides representation avoid eviction.

Through a network of volunteer attorneys, CPLP provides legal support to low-income clients who cannot otherwise afford it. “We design and facilitate learning opportunities to educate tenants on their basic rights, assist renters who are living in unsafe conditions, and connect people to community resources,” said CPLP Housing Attorney Deborah Mayer. “We provide direct legal representation and strive to educate residents on their rights through targeted presentation, resource fairs, and legal clinics.”

CPLP’s work fosters a greater sense of belonging. The nonprofit promotes belonging by striving to prevent involuntary displacement that would relocate people outside of their neighborhoods and erode their sense of community. Through legal and educational services, CPLP reinforces the idea that every Coloradan deserves a safe, accessible, and affordable place to call home.

The Colorado Poverty Law Project received a Bohemian Fund grant to support their efforts to provide housing law assistance to low-income individuals and families. Bohemian Fund supports organizations that value diversity and inclusion, foster belonging, and strive to advance equity. Applicants align their requests with one of three Bohemian Fund goals:

  • Ensuring all youth thrive.
  • Promoting economic stability and mobility.
  • Cultivating a vibrant, engaged, and connected community.

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