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Grantee Spotlight: Alianza NORCO Provides Free Immigration Legal Services and Advocacy

Maria is a 20-year-old Colorado resident working diligently on her father’s return to the U.S. When her father was young, he moved to Colorado from Mexico with his parents. He graduated from high school in Fort Collins, and later met and married Maria’s mother. The couple had four children, of which Maria is the eldest. But, when Maria was only 10 years old, her father was cited several times for driving without a license. At that time, people without documentation couldn't get a license. Maria’s father was required to leave the U.S. and forbidden from returning for 10 years.

Now, as Maria approaches her 21st birthday, she can petition for her father’s return home. This had long been a hope for the family, but it wasn’t a reality until they learned about Alianza NORCO.

Alianza NORCO works alongside immigrants to create integration services. Their programs include immigration legal services, navigation services, and immigration-related advocacy. Through a free consultation with an immigration attorney, Maria’s family was able to get accurate information to guide them through the legal process.

“The core of Alianza’s mission is cultivating a vibrant, engaged, connected, and resilient community,” said Sara Kane, Alianza’s operations manager. “We provide reassurance to immigrants in Fort Collins that they are accepted and safe in their community. This helps them feel secure in their lives here. This peace of mind increases their inclination to share their culture and it builds diversity and vibrancy throughout Fort Collins.”

Alianza’s work improves community integration through advocacy. Through the process of immigrant integration, the community works together to build a safe, vibrant, and inclusive environment that welcomes and protects vulnerable individuals. This work includes helping immigrants understand and have access to supportive systems that create a sense of belonging.

Alianza received a Bohemian Fund grant to support their navigation and legal programs. Bohemian Fund supports organizations that value diversity and inclusion, foster belonging, and strive to advance equity. Applicants align their requests with one of three Bohemian Fund goals:

  • Ensuring all youth thrive.
  • Promoting economic stability and mobility.
  • Cultivating a vibrant, engaged, and connected community.

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