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Music Event Fund FAQ

Can I apply to both the Bohemian Fund and the Music Event Fund for the same request?

No. The funds have different objectives and guidelines. The Music Event Fund is intended to fund single-day events while the Bohemian Fund supports longer-term and ongoing programs. Click here to learn more about the Bohemian Fund.

Can I apply to both Music Event Fund and Community Event Fund for the same event?

No. You can only apply to one. Please choose the one that best fits your event needs.

Can I submit an application to both the Bohemian Fund and the Music Event Fund (in accordance with respective guidelines)?

Yes. However, be sure they are different requests. The Bohemian Fund and the Music Event Fund have different objectives and guidelines.

What is a typical Music Event Fund award amount?

Awards range from $500 to $2,500. Grants can only be used to cover artist fees and production costs. We prefer not to be the sole or largest funder of an event. We review sponsorship levels, commitments, and earned revenue potential (e.g. ticket sales), and align funding accordingly.

Can you define “popular contemporary” music?

Our mission is to build community through music. To do so, we support popular contemporary music, such as rock, hip-hop, Americana, EDM, R&B, and many others.

Do you provide event sponsorship for organizations that are not 501(c)(3) public charities?

No. Music Event Fund applicants must be a 501(c)(3) public charity organization or governmental unit as defined in section 170 (c)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code. Private foundations, public school districts, and type III non-functionally-integrated supporting organizations are ineligible to apply to Music Event Fund. For governmental unit applicants, please contact Music Programs staff to evaluate eligibility before beginning a Music Event Fund application.

Do I need to supply a new Music Event Fund application each year for my event?

Yes. The information is required for each event each year. The required application materials may change from year to year, so be sure to use current materials. Funding one year does not guarantee future funding.

Is there a limit to the number of years an organization can apply for event sponsorship?

No. Organizations may apply every year.

How many times per year may my organization apply?

Organizations may only apply one time in a calendar year.

Will Bohemian Foundation consider an in-kind donation for a silent auction?


What sponsorship levels and benefits should we include in our application?

We require applicants to upload a one-page sponsorship document outlining the benefits of all sponsorship levels offered, such as "$1,500 Silver Level: Banner displayed, mention in the newsletter" etc. Your official document should include a sponsorship level that exceeds the maximum grant request for Music Event Fund ($2,500). Bohemian Foundation’s contribution to the event should not equal or exceed the highest sponsorship level. We review sponsorship levels, commitments, and earned revenue potential (e.g. ticket sales), and align funding accordingly.

Is there a deadline for Music Event Fund consideration?

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis but must be received at least 60 days prior to the event in order to meet any sponsor publicity deadlines for the event.

How soon will I receive notification of whether my organization will receive funding?

We will respond to applicants within 30 days of receiving a complete Music Event Fund application. Please be aware of this processing time when submitting your application, so that you will have received a decision from us in advance of your deadlines for publicity materials.

My organization is planning or hosting a benefit concert for individuals or families who have financial needs due to medical crisis, disaster, etc. Is this eligible for Music Event Fund consideration?

No. Funding that only benefits an individual is ineligible. Benefit concerts to raise funds for a nonprofit organization’s programs or operations are eligible.

My organization is planning a fundraiser – is this eligible for Music Event Fund consideration?

Yes. A fundraiser for the applying organization is eligible as long as popular contemporary music is an integral part of the fundraising event.

Are multi-day events, such as concert series and festivals, eligible for funding?

No. Music Event Fund is specifically for single-day events only. If your event is a multi-day event as a result of COVID realities, contact us directly before applying.

What do you mean by “local artists”?

Bohemian Foundation places priority on supporting artists who reside in Larimer and Weld counties.

What do you mean by “production costs”?

Music Event Fund will help support costs associated with sound production for in-person events. We also support audio and livestream/video production costs for virtual events. Other production costs eligible for support include contracting with a business or individual to provide audio and tech support, and renting sound/video equipment to ensure quality production. We do not support event coordination.

My organization does not fit with Bohemian Fund goals. Are we still eligible to apply for an award from the Music Event Fund?

Yes. You are eligible to apply if your organization and event align with the Music Event Fund objectives. Applicants must be 501(c)(3) public charity organizations providing services in the Larimer and/or Weld county area, and the event should align with at least one of the following objectives:

  • Showcase popular contemporary music and local artists
  • Provide fair pay for artists and production staff
  • Engage broad and diverse communities, especially youth
  • Feature high-quality sound

My organization is a current Bohemian Fund award recipient. Are we eligible to apply to the Music Event Fund?

Yes. Prior or current Bohemian Fund awards do not preclude an organization from applying to the Music Event Fund.

My organization is planning an in-person event during COVID-19. Can I still apply to Music Event Fund?

Yes. If you are requesting funds to support an in-person event, you will be required in the application to provide details on the public safety and health protocols you will follow to ensure your event is in compliance with city, county, and state restrictions for public gatherings. Bohemian Foundation reserves the right to decline funding for in-person events during the COVID-19 pandemic and, if necessary, decline funding if restrictions tighten. We encourage applicants to consider virtual or livestream events. If you have questions or need assistance, please reach out to us directly.