Global Programs - Bohemian Foundation

Funding Innovative Work Around The World

Bohemian Foundation’s Global Programs supports organizations that address some of our most serious global challenges in health, poverty, and the environment.

Global Programs funds organizations and entrepreneurs around the world that are dedicated to making a significant impact and are on the path to a sustainable and scalable business model.

Our target areas for grants are:

  • Public Health: Public health programs and technologies that promote access to health services and systems.
  • Poverty Alleviation: Programs and technologies that help people increase their incomes. Examples include programs that promote better agricultural practices, training that increases skills, and organizations that facilitate entrepreneurship.
  • Environment: Programs that address public health and/or economic stability while employing technologies that encourage clean and sustainable energy practices, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and more sustainable livelihoods.

We believe organizations that work at the intersection of poverty alleviation, public health, and the environment can provide some of the most impactful and promising solutions.

In addition to funding organizations that work on the ground to directly address these focus areas, we also work with organizations that help to educate, mentor, and fund the next generation of entrepreneurs interested in making a positive difference globally.

Bohemian Foundation collaborates with like-minded foundations and philanthropists to identify and support grantees that have the potential to achieve significant impact. This network includes Big Bang Philanthropy and Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation.

Bohemian Foundation's Global Programs does not accept unsolicited proposals.

Current Grantees

Bohemian Foundation’s Global Programs grantees implement innovative work around the world. Please visit their websites to learn more or to join us in supporting their work.