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Bohemian Fund Current Recipients

In Winter 2022, Bohemian Foundation awarded more than $580,000 to 36 local organizations working to encourage and enable youth to thrive, empower individuals and families on the path toward economic stability and strengthen our vibrant Fort Collins community.

Please join us in congratulating current Bohemian Fund recipients and visit their websites to learn more about their inspiring work.

  • Organization Name
  • Project
  • Organization Name A Little Help
  • Project A Little Help for Older Adults in Fort Collins
  • Organization Name Access Center, CSU
  • Project Indigenous Science Arts Technology and Resilience (ISTAR) Camp
  • Organization Name ALIGHT
  • Project General Support
  • Organization Name La Cocina
  • Project Dejando Huellas: Introducing Las FAVAS and their impacto Latinx!
  • Organization Name Special Olympics Colorado
  • Project Inclusive School Programming for Students With and Without Intellectual Disabilities