Grantee Spotlight

Muse is a music-specific responsive grant program.

Muse is a responsive, competitive grant program designed to help achieve Bohemian Foundation’s Music Programs goals by supporting popular contemporary music while being responsive to the needs and ideas of nonprofits.

Muse grantees’ work aligns with Music Programs’ goals.

Please join us in supporting the work of Muse grantees by learning more from the grantee spotlight below. View a full list of current recipients here.

Lineage Music Studio - Grantee Spotlight

Lineage Music Studio

Lineage Music Studio is one example of a nonprofit doing work that aligns with Bohemian Foundation’s Music Programs goal to provide youth with opportunities to express themselves through music.

Lineage Music Studio’s recent Muse grant provides program support funding for a new Professional Performance and Sound Technician Youth Mentorship Program. This program cultivates young musicians’ skills in performance and audio engineering.

Lineage Music Studio is an educational and performance driven music lab that uses various musical styles to improve community access to the arts, preserve traditional music genres, and develop young musicians.

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