COVID 19 - Bohemian Foundation

Addressing Community Needs

The safety, health and well-being of our communities are paramount for Bohemian Foundation.

We recognize that our community is faced with challenges and needs we never imagined before the COVID-19 pandemic. The Foundation’s top priority is identifying gaps and providing assistance in areas such as food, housing and health. In the longer-term, the Foundation is looking at best ways to contribute to systems approaches that assist in these safety net areas.

Larimer County Small Business Loan Fund

The Larimer County Small Business Loan Fund is to provide capital to small businesses or nonprofit social enterprises or co-ops with earned revenue streams, with generally less than 20 employees that cannot obtain financing through traditional sources, but who are capable of sustaining a business and repaying debt, and who are disadvantaged for a variety of reasons. The fund is maintained and deployed by Colorado Enterprise Fund.

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Bohemian Foundation staff are also participating in local, state and federal networks, and are sharing information and expertise with those networks.

As this crisis continues to evolve, we are working to ensure strong communications across sectors, and we are advocating for the nonprofit sector and the most vulnerable in our community.

Bohemian Foundation’s responsive grantmaking programs continue to operate.

Bohemian Foundation’s responsive grantmaking programs continue to accept applications. Community Event Fund, Music Event Fund, and Bohemian Fund continue to operate.

We are grateful for the tireless devotion of the countless nonprofit leaders, staff and volunteers who are navigating the unknown and beyond.

We will continue to listen, learn and adapt. Thank you to everyone who has taken time to share your perspectives, insight and expertise. Together, we’ll navigate how to best leverage our individual and collective capacities.