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Give 10 FAQ

Does Give 10 seek donations?

No. Give 10 is not a direct fundraising effort. It is an effort to elevate charitable giving and build connections in Larimer County.

Do participants have to be individuals (can they be groups)?

Participants can be individuals, households (which may consist of one or more members of an immediate family) or businesses.

Do program participants have to be located within Larimer County?

No. But, only donations made to Larimer County nonprofits are eligible as part of Give 10’s annual giving commitment.

Do contributions to faith-based 501(c)3 organizations qualify toward Give 10’s annual giving commitment?

Yes. Faith-based organizations providing charitable services do qualify. However, gifts made to the general fund of a church or house of worship to promote a specific religious purpose are not eligible. Many faith-based 501(c)3 organizations operate programs that provide social services to community members regardless of religious affiliation. One such example is Catholic Charities and their shelter services. Contributions to these kinds of programs are eligible.

Are donor-designated gifts through United Way, Community Foundation of Northern Colorado, Colorado State University Foundation or other similar public charity foundations to a nonprofit organization eligible?

Yes. Restrictions apply.

What’s the difference between United Way of Larimer County’s Alexis de Tocqueville Society (AdT) and Give 10?

AdT members direct their giving to United Way of Larimer County, whereas Bohemian Foundation’s Give 10 Initiative recognizes giving directly to Larimer County 501(c)3 organizations, including United Way of Larimer County.

Can charitable giving be the combined total of personal and business giving?

Yes. A business owner can combine their personal and business giving to meet the giving commitments.

Can charitable giving be split between multiple Larimer County nonprofits?

Yes. Giving commitments can be met with combined annual giving to multiple Larimer County nonprofit organizations.

Can a corporate matching gift be added to an individual’s annual donation total?

No. Matching gifts from corporations cannot be used to help satisfy the annual giving requirements.

Do bequests or multi-year pledges count for the year the pledge was made?

No. Eligible gifts must meet the annual giving requirement with actual giving – not a commitment to give.

Are gifts made to scholarship or endowment funds eligible?

Yes. Gifts made by the donor to scholarship or endowment funds that support Larimer County students or nonprofit organizations are considered as eligible donor contributions for Give 10. However, the Bohemian Foundation Emerging Leader $10,000 matching grant may not be directed to a scholarship or endowment fund.

Do I need to make donations through Bohemian Foundation?

No. Annual giving is directed from the donor to the nonprofit.

What happens if Give 10 Emerging Leaders don’t meet the annual giving commitment?

We know many variables influence giving from year to year. If an Emerging Leader isn’t able to meet the annual giving commitment, we’d begin with a conversation to get a better sense of the Emerging Leader’s giving goals moving forward. If you need to pause because you are not able to meet the annual giving commitment, please contact us so Give 10 staff can make arrangements and we can work through the official pause process. If an Emerging Leader does not meet the annual giving commitment and does not make arrangements to pause, they are not eligible for the Bohemian Foundation matching $10,000 grant.

Do you have to be an Emerging Leader first to become a Partner?


Is there a list of eligible nonprofits?

No. Give 10 does provide guidance about eligible gifts on our eligibility page, so please review this information carefully.

Do nonprofits need to be located in Larimer County?

No. However, nonprofits must provide services in Larimer County and the gift should be directed to support Larimer County programming.

Do political donations count?


How do I track my donations? (What documentation is required?)

Only Give 10 Emerging Leaders are required to submit a list of their donations each year. See this form for an example.

What is the difference between a Give 10 Emerging Leader and Give 10 Partner?

Emerging Leaders are growing their local giving from $5,000 to $10,000 over three years and are eligible for the $10,000 Bohemian Foundation matching grant. Partners are already giving at $10,000 each year and are not eligible for the $10,000 Bohemian Foundation matching grant.

I still have questions. Where can I find out more information?

Contact Sara Maranowicz at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 970-221-2636.